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Post by Imperial on Sat Dec 12, 2015 12:12 pm

Before u write an' Admin Request u have first to read our Admin Rules ! Remember: If u got Kicked from the Admin-team u will not have the chance to be Admin on our server again !

Admins Have to follow the Group/Forum/server Rules as well!

Admin Rules

1. U have to be a minimum of 1 Hour at day Active on our Server !

2. Dont Abuse with your Rights !

3. Dont Troll with your Rights !

6. Dont Disrespect or Provocate others! (u are an' Admin not a Monkey)

7. Act/speak Professional !

9. Have patience

10. Be Seriously !

11. U Need to Donate every Month that your Server-Rights, Forum/Steam Group are Active. Remember that our Servers costs alot every month to keep them alive to give you the Lag-Free Gameplay & Remember that our game servers are free to join so as admin u dont only should help to clear the server ! u should help too, hold the community/servers Alive !

Remember: if u break only one of this rules u are not ready to be an' Admin on our Server/Community ! & your rights will removed (kicked from Admin)
It gives 2 Types of Service-Pack, Admins to Recruit on our Community "Security & Responsible"

Securities, are Normal Admins on our Servers.
Server Admin Powers, are: Slay/Slap/Mute/Silence etc.
(Skins etc Include)

Responsible Powers, are: FULL ADMIN Commands..
(Skins etc Include)

[INFO]: "Administrator"(Lead-Admin) You cannot Post an' REQ for This Rank.. we choose our "Lead-Admins" from The Offer-balance. That means if u Applied for all servers, any Admin Offer u will be add in the Database of, example: You pay for all our CS:S or CS:GO Server = "Administrator"

PLEASE REPOST EVERY TIME WHEN U PAY TO US (Just Post in this section or the VIP section with paiment information)

[We now that for many People it looks a bit nasty if admins need to pay but remember that our servers cost alot euros in Month for are Lag-free & Clean Gameplay !]

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